Get Certified This November (WLA Exam)

Oct 24, 2020


Launched in March 2020 just before the pandemic, the Wealth Leadership Academy has featured amazing sessions, progress reports, and financial testimonies of changed lives. As we round it off with the 27th session on the 31st of October, the certification exam comes up this November (see image).

Some of the WLA episodes

The WLA Exams for 2020 has been slated for November 26–28. It’s CBT and it’s a certification exam that qualifies you to train others. If you missed the WLA for this year, don’t miss it for 2021. The focus of the WLA for 2021 will be on Our Investment Projects with opportunities to earn far more than the current 20% ROI you earn with MyFund.

However for now, if you participated in this year’s WLA, here are some practice questions for you.

Certification Exam (CBT) in November

Practice Questions
1. Please go to Chapter 9 of the book, 9 Steps to Financial Freedom titled: Financial Intelligence Exam, to test your current financial intelligence level. If you score 70% and above, you’re more than 50% ready for the Certification Exam this November.

2. You may also try taking the Financial and Business Intelligence Quiz to get a feel of how the exam will be in November. (If you’re happy with your performance, feel free to reply with your score or ask questions).

The Exam starts on the 26th.
Register now for the exam here…
(And enjoy a 50% discount before Nov. 10th).

Break a leg! ✌🏼


Tolulope Ahmed
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